We live in a time of a rapidly changing climate. The rise in average temperatures is largely attributed to our lifestyles and our desire for comfort in our work and living spaces as a driver of energy consumption. Since construction and maintenance of buildings account for nearly 40% of greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable energy supply for healthy work and living environments is key to achieving climate objectives. That said, a zero-carbon society is a relatively long-term goal. In the transitional period, while we still rely on fossil fuels, it is therefore vital to use energy as efficiently as possible for this to have the least environmental impact.

It is only by working together that we can tackle the climate change challenge.


While energy consumption for heating is bound to decline, the demand for cooling energy is set to increase. Global projections see the two energy indicators level out over the next 30 years, which means that more attention should be paid to the cooling of buildings.

The quality of air in our work and living spaces strongly impacts our health and workplace productivity. Good ventilation system design, implementation, and management can help us make sure this is a positive impact.

Being increasingly aware of this correlation, Bossplast pays growing attention to this area of business. In raising awareness, SZE plays one of the key roles by laying the foundation for a consensus on sustainable energy withing the industry as well as in society at large. Collaboration and cooperation are the words of the hour for the upcoming SZE conference. It is only by working together than we can achieve our goals and move beyond disciplinary and industry silos.

We kindly invite you to join us for the SZE International Conference. Let us turn our ambition into action together.

About the company

Bossplast, d.o.o., is a supplier of HVAC and climate control products and solutions, its range including air distribution components, air conditioners, installation materials, fans, cooling and heating technology, insulation, and automation devices.

A wide choice of quality materials and devices, as well as our experience and professional approach in choosing the best possible technical solutions for our customers are some of the reasons why our projects meet the needs of investors and end users. We work with suppliers that align with our vision. Our carefully selected staff, regular training, and teamwork are among the key elements of our success. Knowledge, R&D, and innovation give us visibility in the global market.

Using our knowledge and the support of our suppliers, we strive to raise the level of technical skill in the field of our operations by providing training for architects, engineers, and technicians. We work with local and international companies that stand out for their knowhow, tradition, and state-of-the-art technology. We help our customers choose the best possible solutions and high-quality materials, and provide them with good installation and maintenance services.