International Conference of SZE 2022

Grand Hotel Bernardin, Portorož, Slovenia, from 5 to 7 June 2022

Conference focus: Sustainable energy supply for healthy work and living environments

By putting up buildings and maintaining them, people aim to create comfortable work and living environments. What they often fail to consider in the process is energy consumption.

The next edition of the SZE International Conference will focus on one of the key priorities in society: to ensure sustainable energy supply while providing for people’s well-being. Since air quality is a vital aspect of this, the conference will largely centre on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for work and living spaces. If meeting the user’s needs is at the heart of any such system, energy efficiency should be the number one concern.


As one of its main activities, the Slovenian Energy Association (SEA) organises the annual International Conference on District Energy. Until 2017, the conference had focused primarily on district energy and had been organised by the Slovenian District Energy Association (SDDE), now the SEA. Ever since its beginnings, the association has believed that the only way to achieve its goals is through organised meetings and discussions.

The first edition of the conference was held at the inception of the association in Zreče, Slovenia, in 1998. All the following conferences took place in the seaside town of Portorož, where the nice Mediterranean spring setting provides a perfect backdrop for a successful implementation of the formal as well as informal parts of the meetings. With interesting presentations and using international contacts of the association members, we have managed, year after year, to attract a growing number of eminent and acclaimed speakers from far and wide. The international character of the conference has grown increasingly prominent thanks to a number of returning guests from more than 12 European countries, whereas participants have also joined us from China and the U.S. The conference offers attendees ample opportunities to exchange their opinions and experience in order to increase the energy and economic efficiency in designing new energy systems as well as managing and maintaining the existing ones. The conference also provides a venue for the encounter of diverse perspectives and views, and a chance to engage in a constructive dialogue to arrive at best possible solutions.

The many district energy upgrades and new solutions implemented in Slovenia suggest that our collective endeavours with the past SDDE/SEA conference editions have contributed substantially to improved efficiency and security of energy supply in Slovenia. We are proud to say that the conference organised by the Slovenian Energy Association has become one of the main events in the heat and power sector not only in Slovenia, but also in the region of the former Yugoslavia. This inspires us to continue our efforts for further successful conference editions in the years to come.