At a glance

The Slovenian Energy Association (SEA) brings together companies, organisations, institutions and individual members whose activities are indirectly or directly related to thermal energy; creates conditions to share expertise and training; and cooperates with similar sectors in Slovenia and internationally.

SEA is organised to comprise four divisions:

Organizational structure SZE

This organisational structure allows SEA to cover the entire energy supply chain, with basic and applied knowledge to support it. By focusing on energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources in all stages of the energy supply chain, the Association ensures for all divisions to be connected horizontally.


The Slovenian District Energy Association (SDDE) was established on 6 March 1998 as an initiative of Slovenian companies operating in fields of gas distribution, district heating and district cooling. Over these twenty years, working with numerous Slovenian and foreign experts, organising annual international conferences and publishing conference proceedings and specialised literature, the Association has grown beyond the original scope of its operation.

On 29 November 2017, the SDEE General Assembly adopted a new organisational structure and name for the association. The Slovenian District Energy Association (SDDE) was thus renamed the Slovenian Energy Association (SEA).


prof. dr. Alojz Poredoš
M. Sc. Dejan Koletnik

Association bodies

  • General Assembly
    Composed of all members of the Association, the General Assembly is its highest decision-making body on all matters concerning its operation. Click for more (link to Articles of Association). More in statut.
  • Executive Committee
    The Executive Committee is the Association’s executive body performing organisational, technical and administrative tasks, and directing the work of the Association between General Assembly meetings according to the programme and decisions taken by the General Assembly. Click for more (link to Articles of Association). More in statut.
  • Supervisory Committee
    The Supervisory Committee monitors the work of the Executive Committee and other Association bodies, and performs supervision over the Association’s financial performance and use of its assets. Click for more (link to Articles of Association). More in statut.
  • Disciplinary Board
    The Disciplinary board meets when necessary upon written requests by Association members or bodies, conducts procedures and imposes disciplinary sanctions in accordance with the disciplinary regime. Click for more (link to Articles of Association). More in statut.