This division brings together companies and processes in the fields of heat and cooling production from fossil and nuclear fuels as well as renewable sources. It retains particularly close links with the field of energy distribution, and with regard to cogeneration also with the field of power generation. The division is headed by Dr Tomaž Žagar and Amer Karabegović.

Heat and gas transmission and distribution

The division brings together companies in the field of district energy, i.e. district heating and cooling as well as transport and distribution of gas. It has close links with the fields of production and use of energy. The division is headed by M. Sc. Jože Torkar and M. Sc. Dejan Koletnik.

Energy use

The division brings together companies in the fields of energy consumption in buildings, households, transport and industry, which includes heating, cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning, as well as energy consumption in day-to-day life and in industrial processes. The division is headed by Gregor Jeglič and Dr Andrej Ljubenko.

Section for heat pumps

It covers the activities of use for individual and district heating and cooling, the use of renewable energy sources and various sources of drive energy. The division is headed by Dr Primož Poredoš and Franc Marovt.

Basic and applied knowledge

The division offers support to other divisions by providing basic and applied knowledge in thermodynamics, heat transmission and fluid mechanics. It brings together universities and knowledge institutions. The division is headed by Prof Dr Andrej Kitanovski and Prof Dr Matjaž Hriberšek.