Smart, energy efficient, and connected buildings are becoming an increasingly vital element of the infrastructure of smart cities and energy communities. The efficiency and security of energy supply in electricity, heating and cooling sectors are key to humans’ comfortable and sustainable living.

Due to widespread digitalisation, smart devices and systems for active management of buildings and energy supply solutions need to be connected. This requires producers and providers to handle more and more complex and connected solutions. As a result, comprehensive energy management that takes into consideration the needs and choices of end-use consumers is becoming increasingly important.

For some, this is a serious issue that can lead to the loss of competitiveness; to others, it provides considerable potential for development and innovation as well as a challenge, creating opportunities for the development of new solutions and new business models.

The SZE International Conference 2021 is an excellent opportunity for an exchange of experience between Slovenian and international experts, and a chance to create synergies among the wide range of stakeholders shaping our energy future.

You are kindly invited to join us for the SZE International Conference 2021.

Matej Gajzer
Managing Director, TECES | Director, SRIP Smart Buildings and Home including Wood Chain

The Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership ’Smart Buildings and Home including Wood  Chain’ is one of the nine key long-term partnerships that have supported the implementation of Slovenia’s Smart Specialisation Strategy (S4), a scheme aimed at improving the competitiveness of Slovenia’s economy, since 2017. The partnership brings together more that 78 stakeholders working widely across the fields of smart and sustainable buildings with a focus on wood and the wood value chain, advanced non-biogenic construction products, smart devices and systems, active building management systems, and custom-made residential solutions.

TECES is an innovation cluster that has fostered collaboration between stakeholders in the electronics and electrical industries, the energy sector, and providers and users of energy efficient solutions with the slogan ‘Where Linking Creates Synergy’ since 2001. Its members’ outputs include a wide range of products such as electrical devices and systems, electric motor drives, mechatronic systems, components, etc., and comprehensive energy management solutions for all stages from energy production, to transmission, distribution, management, and consumption. TECES is the coordinator of several development partnerships and has been the coordinator of the ‘Smart Buildings and Home including Wood Chain’ SRIP since 2017.