We live in a time of a rapidly changing climate and major geopolitical challenges. Sustainable, secure, and accessible energy supply is a vital factor in maintaining and improving people’s welfare and achieving global competitiveness. Energy efficiency measures are instrumental in attaining these objectives. Considering that energy production and use account for more than 75% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions, decarbonising the energy system is key to meeting the 2030 climate targets and delivering on the EU’s long-term strategy to become carbon neural by 2050.

The European Green Deal focuses on three main pillars of clean energy transition that will help cut greenhouse gas emissions and improve the quality of life for our citizens:

  • providing secure and affordable energy supply,
  • developing a fully integrated, interconnected and digitalised EU energy market,
  • prioritising energy efficiency, improving energy efficiency in buildings, and developing an energy sector that is largely based on renewables.

Collaboration and cooperation are essential to meet carbon-neutral targets.

The EU’s ‘Fit for 55’ package of climate and energy laws makes the climate target of reducing the EU’s emissions by at least 55% by 2030 legally binding. EU member states are now drafting new legislation to meet this target and make the EU carbon neutral by 2050. Drawing on the EU Commission’s guidance, the SZE International Conference 2023 will discuss possible practical applications of new technologies and business models, and the crucial importance of cooperation across sectors.

Raising awareness about the urgency of the green transition among all stakeholders is of utmost importance. In this process, SZE plays a vital role by laying the foundation for a consensus on sustainable energy withing the industry as well as in society at large. Collaboration and cooperation are the key words of the upcoming SZE conference. It is only by working together than we can achieve the set goals and reach beyond disciplinary, industry and sectoral divides. You are kindly invited to join us for the SZE International Conference 2023 and in turning our joint ambition into real projects.



About the company

Resalta is an independent provider of energy services and renewable energy solutions working across South East Europe. We develop, finance, implement and manage renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that help reduce our clients’ environmental footprint. Our solutions and projects are designed by our highly skilled and motivated staff, based on more than ten years of experience and more than 250 projects implemented in the region.

Using the Energy Supply Contracting business model, we provide electricity, heating, and cooling energy supply. Using the Energy Performance Contracting model, we guarantee energy savings by reducing energy consumption in buildings and public lighting. Our services for clients in industry, commercial and public sectors also include energy audits and carbon footprint audits as the first step towards devising carbon neutral transition strategies.

Our thorough understanding of our clients’ industries and areas of activity, the specifics of their line of work, and their energy needs allows us to offer each client a wide array of services and tailored solutions. At the same time, we aim for our projects and measures to create positive change in the community and environment at large.