Address by the President of SZE

We are pleased to invite you to the International Conference of SZE 2019, which will take place in Grand Hotel Bernardin, Portorož, Slovenia, from 31 March to 2 April 2019.
The Slovenian Energy Association (SZE), formerly known as the Slovenian District Energy Association (SDDE), has recognised the power of bringing together players from across the energy sector for a more sustainable and clean energy supply. Both SZE’s activities and the conference programme cover all aspects of energy supply from production through distribution to end use, with basic and applied knowledge to support it. It is only by addressing the complex energy systems in concert that we can find technically and economically optimised solutions for energy supply.
Once again, the conference will welcome participation from a number of acclaimed Slovenian and international experts, with the main panel discussing the current trends, political decisions and international tendencies in sustainable and clean energy supply for heating and cooling.
The main topics of the SZE conference 2019 are:
  • CHP based on renewable and alternative energy sources
  • Waste to energy 
  • Energy storage technologies
  • District heating and cooling – development trends
  • Gas supply – a solution on the way to a low-carbon society
  • Energy sectors solutions: gas-electricity-heat 
  • Energy efficiency in buildings – Energy efficiency directive implementation
  • Heating, cooling and air-conditioningn of buildings
  • Energy use in traffic
  • Theoretical and applied supporting the development of energy sector
  • New and alternative technologies
  • Digitalization for interconnection of energy systems
  • Legislation and regulation
We look forward to seeing you in Portorož!
Prof. Dr Alojz Poredoš
SZE Chair

Main sponsor’s address

We are at a turning point where we need to develop more efficient approaches to heating, cooling and ventilation of buildings. Energy consumption for heating and cooling in buildings and industry accounts for nearly half of the energy produced and consumed in the European Union. We have to design and implement smarter solutions and innovative products that will help buildings and industries meet the EU target of a 20% reduction in primary energy consumption by 2020. Another major issue is unrecovered waste heat. Approximately 75% of the energy for heating and cooling is produced from fossil fuels, and where combined heat and power (CHP) systems are used, only a small part of the surplus heat is re-used. This heat offers considerable potential, and through collaborative practices and strategic planning it can be used to provide affordable district heating and cooling for end users.
Let’s use our knowledge and work together on developing advanced systems for heating, cooling and ventilation to provide sustainable and clean energy supply.
I kindly invite you to participate in the International Conference of SZE 2019, where you will be actively improving the lives of future generations. Just as the European Union promotes collaboration and strives for improvements in the areas of human rights and the environment, this conference will strive for better sustainable solutions. 
Luigi Rossettini
International Sales Director
Aermec, Italy

About Aermec

Aermec is a family owned business founded by Giordano Riello in 1961. The company is based on values such as respect for the environment, safeguarding health, human wellbeing, quality, performance and customer care. The business is underpinned by the founder’s core belief that by working with partners in close and trustful cooperation, technically advanced solutions can be provided that maximise energy efficiencies and reduce emissions whilst minimising environmental impacts. Using the latest technologies, Aermec focuses on small yet significant details that can help protect the environment, confident that this is a way of using technology in a positive way and contributing to a better world.