Dear all,

Since the discovery of fire, energy has been the pivotal driving force behind humanity’s development across virtually all domains. Throughout millennia, energy sources and their utilization methods have continuously evolved, significantly influencing societal structures. The rapid advancement of technologies and increased awareness of our impact on health and the environment have allowed us to demonstrate, in recent decades, that high-tech solutions harnessing renewable energy sources (such as the sun, earth, air, waste heat, etc.) can substantially, and in some cases entirely, meet our needs while replacing harmful traditional sources and methods.

Most notably, these new solutions do not demand compromises; they bring about widespread positive effects for users, the environment, and importantly, the energy and political independence of nations. We, participants of the International Conference on Sustainable Energy (SZE), are key co-creators of our energy future. The responsibility rests on our shoulders to leverage our knowledge, collaborations, and new technologies to generate energy solutions that represent the best response to climate and political changes and challenges, leading us towards a brighter tomorrow.

Bogdan Kronovšek
Director of KRONOTERM


KRONOTERM Company Overview

KRONOTERM is established as a leading provider of efficient and environmentally friendly heating, cooling, and waste heat utilization solutions. Their mission is to deliver high-quality and reliable heat pumps that facilitate substantial energy savings and long-term usage. Through their proprietary development, research, and production, they create innovative solutions complemented by comprehensive services encompassing planning, supply, installation, and maintenance.

The company prides itself on internal development and production, where a highly educated team of developers continuously seeks innovative solutions using the latest technologies and materials. Rigorous testing in their own laboratory ensures their products are highly efficient and reliable. Investment in ongoing development is key to their success; therefore, they strive to be the leading company in the field of heat pumps, consistently presenting top-notch innovations and superior quality.

Focusing on producing heat pumps for various segments from household users to commercial and industrial facilities, KRONOTERM has received numerous domestic and international awards, affirming their excellence and innovation. Their commitment to quality is further endorsed by domestic and foreign experts, driving them towards constant improvements and new solutions.